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**** and back

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hello everyone,hope you are all ok.

i have been through **** and back,in my last post i posted about the probs i have been having since christmas,well to be honest with you things arnt still much better.

i had an appointment last friday to see my doc and missed it as i had such a bad night i overslept,the receptionist phoned me to say that the doc wants to see me in relation to what has been going on since christmas.(as i havnt seen my reg doc for a while)

i explined i havnt been well and overslept,she made me an appointment for the 25th of this month,to see my own doc they cant get me in before as they have been unindated with patients,so she made me an appointment to see another doc,which i did this monday.

well what i thought as being constant colds has turned out to be chronic rhinitis,she look in my ears,nasal passage and said it is all inflamed,so put me on a nasal steroid,antibiotics,different antihistamine.

she had a look at the last bloodtests i had done and said oh yes it is high im not sure what test she meant,i assumed it must be somethinh to do with histamines,iga test i think,i was never informed that this test was high,which annoyed me a little as they know i have skin issues,i am sure this could off been prevented with how ill i have been.

well the flu-like sx has done me in,this time in the 18yrs of being ill it had beat me i just couldnt take no more,well to add to it all i started all the new meds on monday,early this morning i wake up scratching all over with welts everywhere the sneezing so severe, i am have a allergic reaction to the antibs so rung the out doc at 5:30 this am told me to take piriton if it didnt settle or got worse to go straight to casualty.

after all this it did start to subside,mythe doc who prescribed it for me phone me about midday this morning,i am in tears now explaining i cant take no more,so she tried to reassure me that the meds i am on will do it with a different antib which she prescribed.

she said my immune system is so over active it is causing allergies,sinus,basically making me very ill.

well i am not happy with this as i have been like thiis for six years which has got progressively chronic now,i seen a dermy many years ago who basically threw me out told me it was my pets well i knew this wasnt the case in which a prick test proved it,just said take antihistamines for 2yrs youll be fine that was 6yrs ago,i cant come of them as i welt all over for no reason.

when i back to see my g.p. i will ask to be refered to a immuneologist,as i know this runs much deeper than skin probs.

other people i know with the same illness as me does not suffer with their skin and allergies like i do.

do any of you think this is relevent to proving perhaps that it is autoimmune probs,i do worry as my dad has been neglected with the same surgery now he is in a right mess.

any suggestion would be greatly recieved.

many thanx jo8
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(((((((((Jo))))))))) sounds like you have had a horrid time of it with one thing and another :hug:

were you able to take a photo of the rash you had across your nose and cheeks some time ago? If so are you still on the list to see the Rheumy?

hi lily,

thankyou for your reply,i have not yet managed to take a photo of the face as yet,but i am not to worried as it is getting worse as the weeks goes on.

the rhumy has discharged me as she felt she could not do any more for me,as she has dx me with cfs/me.raynaulds,osteoarthiriris cervical spondylosis,so treating me with pain killes,but i know this is more.

take care jo8

I am so sorry you are having such a tough time.
Allergies that lead to cardio-pulmonary oedema are my thing. I almost envy peole who get itches (but not really!). For years everyone thought it was a discreet allergy (to fruit in my case) even though I pointed out the wierdness of being allergic to both distinct classes of fruit, pommes and ovarian fruit (and that is the end of the botany lesson for today, class).
Lupus is sometimes thought of as being allergic to oneself and that certainly covers the ground in my case.
I was blessed to finally find an understanding medico and am doing much better now, although I still cannot be in the presence of fruit of any sort without heading into anaphylaxis. It makes for a restricted life but it is still a good one.
Lots of pills; lots of support; and keeping expectations very low makes for a fine life. And as I keep reminding myself, one good day makes up for weeks of misery.
for douglas

hi douglas,sorry about your allergies it must be a nightmare.

i have suffered skin probs for 18yrs now,everything irritates it,with lots of welts,itchies,soreness it drives me insane.

when i first got sick with ongoing fatique,joint/muscle pain,generally flu-like sx all the time,about 3 months later the itching started on and off at first then got so horrendous they sent me to a dermy as it is now constant,but he wasnt interested,just put me on antihistamines for 2yrs he said then i would be fine,(what a joke) i am still bad 18yrs on,but admitedly more severe as yrs gone by.

i know i have more than what they have dx me with,i really wish this wasnt the case but deep in my heart i know(i think this is what scares me).

my bloodwork seems to be changing all the time,1 minuite my red blood cells are high (to the point of being accused of drinking alcohol to much)which this isnt the case,i wish but i am very allergic to the stuff,this happened for yrs now it is coming back low anemia,i dont think i have ever had this problem not even whilst pregnant.

so i really believe what ever is going on is coming to a head now.

the allergie thing really scares me as i know if i hadnt been on so much antihistamine at the time the reaction probably been a lot worse.

douglas can i ask how yours all came about is this a similar pattern to what your problems were and are.

any info i would appreciate your advise.

i really do connect with your allergy prob,you have my greastest symphathy with it as i know how miserable it makes me let alone the seriousness of yours.

please keep in tough jo8
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for JoanneS

The allergy thing is amusing in that I never much believed allergies were real. (In the Canadian army our squad was exhausted one dya when we found some poison ivy. All six of us rubbed our forearms with the noxious weed and all but one were on sick call the next morning; but not me!) Anyway, we discovered I was allergic to fruit when they revived me in the hospital. The oddest part was that my "allergic arthritis" abated shortly thereafter. As things developed I had to cut out more and more foods as I was reacting anaphylactically to all fruit and then found that I could no longer digest meat, poultry, fat fish, scallops, clams, etc. Then reactions started to air born fruit odors. (One day an aged colleague who did not believe in allergies sat beside me at a meeting, his briefcase between us. When I started to fade and got out of there he was not appologetic but baffled, as he told a friend, "How could he react to something when he couldn't see it?") Now, with the exception of some skin troubles that are very minor, it is only the fruit problem plus "normal" Lupus symptoms: sensitivity to sunlight, joint pain and swelling - the usual stuff. The biggest problem is not being able to travel "by common carrier". It would be nice to take a bus, a train or best of all an airplane to visit our grandson but such is not to be. I love our car!
I don't know if this helps or is even all that accurate - blame the Lupus! - but I pray the best for you.
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