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Dear Elaine

I am so sorry you are feeling poorly. I agree with the others that the sleep issue is very important if you are to get through this period with the best chance of recovering. Can your GP prescribe sleeping tablets for a short period of time?

It is very, very frustrating not being able to do the things we want to do and no matter what anyone says we still manage to convince ourselves that we could do more or are just being lazy etc. Its the most frustrating part of this disease in my opinion.

I am a bit horrified that your employers said that to you. How would they propose that you 'deal' with this disease? By leaving work maybe? :mad: I dont know who you work for but I would definitely be concerned if an employer said that to me. There are laws that protect people who are ill and in employment and if you arent in a Union maybe you should consider it. It must be very unpleasant and stressful being sick and knowing that your employer is less than understanding to say the least.:mad:

Rather than stress yourself out about work this week, just decide that you have to take the week off to rest and thats what you have to do. Its boring I know but its the only way to deal with this. If you dont it will come back and bite you on the bum darn quick. Get yourself lots of DVD's, choccies and books - whatever you like to do. If you live alone ask friends if they would help out this week maybe doing an odd chore or two. People are very happy to help out generally if they are told what is needed. Is there a strappy teenager in your area who would cut your grass for you for a few bob? It would help ease your worry about it and save you the job of having to do it when you're feeling better.

I hope you feel better soon over the next few days but keep an eye on that breathing issue. If it gets too difficult or laboured you know what to do. Dont hang around with breathing issues.....

Much love and let us know how you are
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