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Another lil q ?

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Hi again guys, am still wondering what rheumatoid factor means? I had a RF animal equivilent of 116, come down by jan to 57. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the rf marks and how bad is it the higher it goes

Thank you:hehe:
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Hi there,
I dont now for sure but i think its the rheumitoid factor! dont know what the norma are but i'm sure someoneelse will come along with more help!


Hi pollianna,

I thought I gave you this link but maybe not :hehe::hehe:

once you have read the first page if you go to the bottom right hand corner it says next and there are several pages explaining the rheumatoid factor, what it is, what it tests for, what abnormal results mean etc. etc.

As far as what the numbers mean the jury is still out on that. Some studies which are done mainly on Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers (and you have had x-rays to check for that haven't you?) showed that a higher positivity equalled a more erosive course for their arthritis. However those same studies did not reveal a correlation of higher positivity with more severe Sjogren's Syndrome. To contradict that other studies have shown no correlation between how highly positive someone was and how severe their RA was :hehe: Clear as mud's just another unknown because people vary so much in their presentation.

With the ANA readings in Lupus patients there is absolutely no correlation of severity of disease with higher readings. Something the docs acknowledge and we here proved a long time ago :lol:

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Would you believe lily I can't remember if you gave me the link :hehe: TY :hug:
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