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for ages ive had this but not sure if it just in my head when i go for naps or down for the night its harder to beath i can still breath but its heavly feeling i jst got on with it cos didnt notice any other breathing problems any other time untill last night went off to bed like normal

layed down and had the feeling with the breathing but this time i had alot of pain in my back like some1 squzzeing me breatheing felt heavily tryed moveing around still the same the pain reminded me off traped wind can u get traped wind in your back around shoulder blades and side

when i woke up i can breath but my back still feels tight its not nice feeling but dont want to go rusheing to the doc and feel stuiped like i am mad can anyone relate to what i mean or am i being mad

thankz and big big hugzzzzzz


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It sounds similar to what I experienced at the beginning of having pleurisy. However I have had a similar feeling with Transverse Myelitis. In light of all the other symptoms you are having I think you should have this new one checked out. Don't wait for your next appointment, see if you can be seen sooner.

Take care,
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