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My gosh Jules :sad:

I dont blame you for being worried. That is an incredible TSH level. I would be worried too. Although I am hypothyroid as well my levels were never anywhere near that. How much did he up your meds and when are you getting those levels checked again?

Im sure you have researched all of this and know it can lead to severe drop in body temperature and seizures if left untreated. What is your body temperature at the moment? Usually its not considered dangerously low unless its less than 35 C.

I dont know what to tell you Jules except take your temperature regularly, make sure you get your levels tested again very soon and make sure that they are getting back to normal range. Did your doctor say how long it would take the meds to work?

I know none of us fancy a trip to the ER but to be honest if I were you I would go there for an evaluation, especially as you are having trouble breathing and your heart is feeling funny.

I do hope you can get this controlled very soon Jules and that someone else who has more experience of this will come along soon. Please let us know how you are.

Much love
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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