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:(Hello everyone,
It has been a while since I have been on and I hope all are doing well. you are in my prayers. Anyway, I had a total thyroidectomy last year due to the sever Hashimotos I had from SLE. I have been on the same dose of Levothyroxine since and my bloods were only checked once and were "ok". Well, I have been feeling like poo, gaining weight, can't get warm, swelling all over and feel like ther is something so wrong......went to the doc and my TSH level was 61.14. He said it was the worst case he has seen in all 25 years of his practice and immediately changed my meds and upped them. TSH range should be .3 to 2.0. It has been about 3 weeks and I still feel like things are not working. Please understand that through all 22 years of having this disease and others, I have a very detailed history and study all of the time about the processes of each disease. Sometimes I wonder if I come off too knowing and try to "help" the docs get me on the right track. In all of this, I know when things are wrong and when they are right. This TSH can lead to all kinds of problems internally if we are not careful, and yet he says to just take the meds and don't worry. Well. I am worried. My body temp is below normal, I feel like I am am "starved for air and my heart feels funny, but he said my body functions were off but not to worry. Ok, so I'll try not to but if any one here has been through this or has any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thank you all for being here and supporting each other. It is a blessing.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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