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Anti cardiolipin antibody

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My anti cardiolipin is now really high (was low positive not too long ago)

I am trying to conceive and had a very early miscarriage last month. My dr wants to put me on lovenox shots once a day. Is that normal with just one miscarriage?

Is lovenox safe during pregnancy? Does it cross the placenta

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Hi there,

Some of these questions I can not answer and you would be best suited to ask your doctor.

If your Anticardiolipin is high (what is it?) and you miscarried last month then you may have APS, also known as Hughes Syndrome.

If that is the case then a lot of women take drugs so that they can have healthy pregnancy's and carry to term. I am sure the doctor would not put you on something knowing your trying to get pregnant if it crossed the barrier and harmed the fetus.

Have you been dx with APS? If not, have they tested to see if you have it?
Those shots are safe to take while pregnant, and will help to prevent miscarriage and stillbirth if you do have APS. To officially have APS diagnosed, the guidelines are 3+ miscarriages (more weight is given to later term miscarriages or still births known to be caused from blood clots) or a serious blood clotting event such as DVT or pulmonary embolism.

While you may not technically meet the criteria for a diagnosis of APS, the fact that you have had two positive blood tests and one miscarriage so far is enough for most doctors to lean towards treatment. Especially considering other factors such as a woman's age & trying to conceive. It seems cruel and unneccesary to me to have a woman go through multiple miscarriages before offering treatment, and it sounds like your doctor agrees that treatment is warranted for any future pregnancies.

I hope this treatment helps for next time. Chances are very good that it will help you if the problem is a clotting issue like APS.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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