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anti ds-dna

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What repercussions does this have if you test positive?

Should this test alone be performed more often than others?

Does positive testing for anti ds-dna mean that the SLE is worse than when the test was negative?


Thanks for any advice in advance!

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Hello Lesley :)

Abnormal levels of anti ds DNA will clinch a lupus diagnosis since it so closely associated with lupus as to be regarded as specific assuming there are symptoms of lupus too.

It tends to reflect a greater likelihood of kidney or central nervous system involvement but not necessarily and people can have these problems without having a positive anti ds DNA.
It is generally regarded as the only antibody along with some other blood test results like SED rate, that reflects disease activity but not all doctors think that.
If therapy is successful it might be expected to go down; if it is still rising it could mean ineffective therapy and possible disease worsening.

I think it is usually tested every time a general lupus check is done for those reasons. The sudden appearance of ds DNA when it wasn't there before is usually regarded with some concern. Urine should be regularly tested too.
The presence alone of these antibodies doesn't necessarily mean anything - it all depends on the symptoms being experienced and detected through other tests.


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Thanks Claire,:highfive:

Information given is greatly received! I always had criteria of Lupus without the anti ds-dna being positive. Dec 2007 anti ds-dna was then positive and since then I have had many flaring symptoms plus sinusitis, shingles, pluerisy signs and now 1st time ever chest infection - not yet had signs of protein in urine. I did have a urine test the other day, but my Immunologist takes forever until I hear from him (unless I call him first).

The information is usefull to be knowledgeable about - as I can always discuss further with Imunologist when I next see him in a couple of weeks!

Love Lesley
Hi Lesley,

Clare has summed it up well, I'd just like to reiterate that you don't need the antibody to have Lupus related kidney and brain problems. I have both and have never had an abnormal Anti-DsDNA reading.

SLE is so confusing!

I am positive for the anti ds-dna test (SLE signs 6 years prior to this), but so far no other signs of organ development. My blood pressure is very irrratic and lungs seem to be stating to suffer!

Everyone is different!

Knowledge of things that can happen is good - always hoping that SLE never gets worse!

Thanks Lilly and Claire!

Love Lesley
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