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If you have any history of clotting issues, even thrombophlebitis, then you may want to ask your doctor about retesting that antibody just to be on the safe side. If you've had no clotting events at all, no later term miscarriages or any of the other problems associated with APS like migraine type headaches; then it's likely a little less important to keep testing unless you hope to become pregnant in the future.

For me, I had to ask my doctors to test for the anti-cardiolipins because I was planning a pregnancy in the future and had unexplained thrombophlebitis but nothing more serious that that. They tested twice, 3 months apart and both were positive at moderate to moderate/high levels and it was after the second positive that I was started on baby aspirin.

Despite the positive tests, and minor clotting issues, I still do not technically have an APS diagnosis because I have not yet had a serious clotting event.
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