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I believe all APS is diagnosed by the "Sapporo index" (I may have flubbed that one up), which states the patient must test positive twice, tested six weeks apart, for either anticardiolipid antibodies, lupus anticoagulant antibodies, or anti B2glycoprotien antibody --- plus --- had a vascular event (stroke, embolism, pregnancy loss, ect).

Most of the research I have read states all people will test postive for lupus anticoagulant (which has nothing to do with lupus - confusing name) at some point in their lives, it is the sustained elevation of these antibodies plus a vascular event that brings an APS diagnosis.

Because you tested high once, your rheumy is being very thorough checking you frequently again. I'd keep that doctor for sure! Most of us have to have a stroke, PE or miscarriage before anyone will look into it.

be well

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