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Anxiety attack?

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Hello everyone,

I have been having werid thinks going on since Sunday. Sunday I woke up with heartburn and feeling a little heavy in the chest....ahtt wnet on I all day long. Monday I had it off and on all dayand today I feel really heavy pressure in the chest and it is hard to breath.

Could this be a type of Anxiety attack? Have any of ouy had this before. Please let me know .... it is starting to worry me some now.

God Bless,
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hi debralee: I'm sorry your not feeling well. But with the heayness and short of breath you need to call your doctor right away. Don't put this off. Please let me know how you are after you see him. Hope you feel better. Mary Jane

Don't want to worry you but it's really important that you get checked out, sooner rather than later. Although it could just be anxiety it could also be something more serious such as unstable Angina - best not to take any chances with chest pain .....

Let us know how you get on

Tine xxxx
Please go to your doctor ASAP! Chest pains should get checked out right away! If you can't get into your doctor go to the ER. You really need to get this checked out
Please let us know how you are doing.

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I had similar symptoms about 8 months ago. I finally went to my primary doc who then sent my for an Echo. The test came back normal and went to Rheumy. He said I had chondrocondritis (sp?) which is inflammation in the lining of the chest wall. I ended up having low b12 and after several injections the problem cleared up.

Just my experience - I hope you find an answer soon...


I hope you have seen a doctor now or will do if these symptoms return. Similar symptoms can have many causes so whatever experience others have had, doesn't mean the same applies to you.

Neither the forum nor chat can replace professional medical advice. Even if we were medical professionals ourselves, we couldn't diagnose on line. That includes suggesting directly or indirectly that there is nothing to worry about.

To give an example, my gall stone attacks were so like a heart attack I was sent for an ECG and echogram.
The only advice that can be given is to get medical help. If I had taken notice of somebody telling me it was simply indigestion, because that's like what they had, I might have been having a fatal heart attack or delayed getting emergency help for a serious gall bladder situation.

It is especially stressful for people in chat to be put in the position of hands on paramedic or emergency services, having to take responsibility for another's welfare. It is quite unfair to expect this of them. You know what a bad effect stress and anxiety have on us.

Please take care of yourself, listen to the good advice you are given, and be mindful of the welfare of others - they feel they have failed and become very distressed.

All the best

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I hope you are feeling better today. So many people asked about you today. Remember sweetie you tell other people to call for help. Be Safe, Not Sorry.. We love you Deb.. Teri

[SIZE=11pt]Hiya Deb

I hope you have managed to get in to see your doc, i know you have alot of stress on your plate at the mo and this won't help the situation - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you haven't already go get it checked out.

Take care XxX Jo XxX
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When I had that, it turned out to be Asthma. I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest for a month and I couldn't get a full breath. If you haven't already, go to your doc and checked. Better to be safe than sorry.

I hope that you went to see a doctor concerning your breathing problems! Please let me know about how you are doing! I am wishing the best for you!


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Hello Everyone,

I want to first thank softball and jen who were in chat with me yesterday and apolize to everyone for causing ouy un-needed stress. I certainly don't want to add to anyone's stress levels. We all have enough to deal with as it is.

I did get to sleep for awhile and felt better after I woke up. I think my curtain schedule may have a lot to do with it. I am doing to see my gp about iti. I'll let ouy know what she has to say about it.

Thank ouy all.

God Bless,
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I get the symptoms you describe and was actually just officially diagnosed with asthma today. My lung capacity is down a bit which isn't good. If it's not medicated properly you are more suspectible to permenant scarring in your lungs.

I hope you find the answer soon, let us know.

Take care.
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P.S. Look up hyperventilation syndrome too. Only 25% of people with this have anxiety/panic attacks but that is what most people think the cause is. It could also be a result of poor lung function.

Have you had things checked yet? I do hope you are feeling better. It may or may not be asthma but, Asthma can be life threatening so it's good to get it under control.

I went to an Asthma and Allergist Tuesday so they could run a test to see what all I was allergic to, I had such a severe reaction to 4 of them that it threw me into and Asthma attack. They had to give me oxygen and prednisone to get things under control. My first symptoms were that heavy feeling like you describe and I just felt like I couldn't get quit enough air. Things progressed pretty quickly.

I do hope you have gotten it checked.
I had anxiety attacks around 6 months back and my doctor prescribed me xanax and it worked well for me. He told me that xanax works by slowing down the nervous system and hence relieves anxiety. This medicine should only be used in accordance with the instruction of a physician as these are habit forming and sometimes withdrawal symptoms are even more depressing.
It sounds like you should be worried and go see a doctor soon. It might be nothing but at least you would know that. It could be a number of reasons why you are having this problem, but whatever the reason it is better to know the reason to worry about it right? I do hope you feel better soon.
Hi Tammy and Shankly

This post dates back to 2006. I just wanted to point that out. Its easy to not notice the dates :)

Luv n stuff
Good you are going to see your doc soon, but please go to the E.R. if the chest pains return!

Take care and hope you get answers soon! As Claire said this is nothing to mess around with!

Joan has pointed out this is an old thread. It was started in 6/2006.
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