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I hope you have seen a doctor now or will do if these symptoms return. Similar symptoms can have many causes so whatever experience others have had, doesn't mean the same applies to you.

Neither the forum nor chat can replace professional medical advice. Even if we were medical professionals ourselves, we couldn't diagnose on line. That includes suggesting directly or indirectly that there is nothing to worry about.

To give an example, my gall stone attacks were so like a heart attack I was sent for an ECG and echogram.
The only advice that can be given is to get medical help. If I had taken notice of somebody telling me it was simply indigestion, because that's like what they had, I might have been having a fatal heart attack or delayed getting emergency help for a serious gall bladder situation.

It is especially stressful for people in chat to be put in the position of hands on paramedic or emergency services, having to take responsibility for another's welfare. It is quite unfair to expect this of them. You know what a bad effect stress and anxiety have on us.

Please take care of yourself, listen to the good advice you are given, and be mindful of the welfare of others - they feel they have failed and become very distressed.

All the best

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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