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any diagnosed aussies out there

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hey all, im a 23yr old male from australia. i was diagnosed with lupus last oct so im new to all this, be good to talk to u all at some stage or another.

my doctors say that i have the worst case scenario, symptons include heart, lungs, kidney, liver and intesine poblems as well as the skin, raynoyds, joint and muscle pains. how do u get thru life dealing with all this? if u have any help or advice feel free to email me or add a post

thanks heaps
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Hi ****** and welcome to the forum :welcome:

I'm in NSW and considerably older than you :lol: and have been diagnosed about 4 yrs 'officially'. Things will get better, what meds are you taking and how do you find your medical care is over there?

There are quite a few young people here with Lupus from all over the world. The internet brings us closer, so if you have any questions fire away, there is always someone around who can help out or at least identify with what you are going through.

How do we deal with day at a time, but it does get easier once you start working out how to make Lupus live with you, not the other way around :hehe: Sun exposure and even fluro lights can bring on flares in some lupies, as can high stress levels, allergies, etc. The key is identifying these factors and working around them to help keep the wolf from the door.

Nice to 'meet' you :)

Hi ******,

Welcome to the forum. :welcome:

Depending on how I choose to tell it, I'm an Auzzie too (by birth and 26 yrs residency), but have lived 8 yrs in the UK and now married and living in Holland (3yrs).

I've been diagnosed a little over 2 years...

I'm sorry to hear lupus affects you so badly. What medications are you on? Be your own advocate and tell the docs honestly how bad it is. Being treated aggresively enough to give you an improvement in quality of life is for most people achievable, but you may need to convince your doctor to take that step. Personally I am really glad to have added Azathioprine to my med coctail (I have very mild organ involvement, so it was debatable if it was really needed) - it is the Aza that has finally given me a life worth living back:blush: .

Looking forward to getting to know you better,

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hi andrew, great to see you found the place so easily :)
as i said to you on facebook, this place is a godsend, so many people with different stories and a wealth of support.
take care, willow :)
Hi there ******

Sorry to hear about you diagnosis. It is a lot to deal with. Remember to takeone day at a time. I have CNS Lupus which has affect my life in a big way. But I feel blessed because it makes you really appreciate what you have right in front of you.

From one Aussie to another
Hang in there, things will hopefully improve for you
Peta (From NSW)
Hi there:wink2:

Just wanted to let u know that I am know dx 3 years ago and u pretty much do as everyone here has all ready said. DEAL ONE DAY AT A TIME. I have kidney involment and now my kidneys have failed. And till li came here about two weeks ago now i doin't know that lupus affected so many people and in so may ways. I mean I had read about it but never really talked with anyone with it. I felt so alone. So believe u me this site is the best and will help u cope with ur problems so much better.
I am also only 24 so I have been dealing with this since I was 21
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