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Hi ******,

Welcome to the forum. :welcome:

Depending on how I choose to tell it, I'm an Auzzie too (by birth and 26 yrs residency), but have lived 8 yrs in the UK and now married and living in Holland (3yrs).

I've been diagnosed a little over 2 years...

I'm sorry to hear lupus affects you so badly. What medications are you on? Be your own advocate and tell the docs honestly how bad it is. Being treated aggresively enough to give you an improvement in quality of life is for most people achievable, but you may need to convince your doctor to take that step. Personally I am really glad to have added Azathioprine to my med coctail (I have very mild organ involvement, so it was debatable if it was really needed) - it is the Aza that has finally given me a life worth living back:blush: .

Looking forward to getting to know you better,

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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