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seems no one is immuned. the other day i responded to a post about a cold. now who do you suppose caught that cold...yep, me ;). i thought i had a good virus blocker on my computer but i guess the mighty cold can get thru anything...:rotfl:
so i feel like dog dookie not a pretty picture :eek:. my nose is runny and stuffy and itchy all at the same time. my eyes and ears hurt and buzz. i have a sore scratchy throat and i think my lungs have pudding in them...and if thats not enuf, i can't find my left slipper :p.

honestly tho' i do feel bad. i have my box of kleenex, my thera-flu and lonzengers. and best of all my husband got me some orange sherbert, nummy. well i think a take some motrin and take another nap

hope you all are doing well
take care
hugs and kisses
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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