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I too am on a low maintenance dose of prednisone (2 mg) and have been on prednisone continously since diagnosis 2.5 years ago. I started at 5 mgs and dropped to 2 but have been unable to get any lower. I don't have organ involvement - just body wide joint pain and tendinitis in my achilles. I am also on methotrexate. I can't tolerate plaquenil and if we increase the dose of MTX I start having bad stomach troubles. I can't say I am totally comfortable with the situation the way it is, but the deal is, I have to be able to work. I don't have anyone else to support me and if I couldn't do my job I would lose health insurance and couldn't pay for my care. I don't think I would qualify for disability really so I feel like I have to do what I have to do. When I am on prednisone I can function pretty normally and even exercise. Whenever we have tapered, the pain comes back within a day or so and because of the tendinitis I start having trouble standing up. I wonder sometimes if my doctor knows what he is doing when he tells me I am ok dose-wise and duration wise. But I also feel like I don't have a ton of alternatives either. I haven't had any of the traditional side effects like severe weight gain and we are monitoring all the other things like blood sugar, etc. So far I seem to be faring well (knock on wood). I wonder someday if I will have to pay the piper for what I am doing, but again I am not sure what a good alternative would be.

Not sure this post will be helpful to you, but I certainly qualify as someone on a maintenance dose and wanted to give my experience. I hope things turn out well for you.
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