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anyone seeing a doctor other than a rheumy?

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I was just wondering, I think most people with lupus see a rheumatologist primarily, but does anyone use another kind of doctor? One woman I know was seeing a nephrologist, and I think some folks see their general practitioner.

I was just curious, I'm trying to hammer out which health care provider(s) I'm planning to see...
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I still see a GP who is an internal medicine doctor (generally every 6 months or so... sometimes more often). I have also seen a neurologist, ENT doctor, immunologist/allergist, urologist, GI doc, and possibly others I can't remember right now. It just depends on which problems you have whether you need to see additional doctors. At the moment, the only doctors I see routinely are the rheumy & the GP though.

I think it's best to keep seeing a GP routinely as well as the rheumy.
I agree with Maia. I also regularly see both a GP and a rheumy. My GP is absolutely fantastic, and it has been beneficial to me to have his second opinion about my symptoms and the rheumy's treatment options. I can also get in to see him fairly quickly if the need arises. The rheumy is booked out 2-3 months in advance. A strong GP is a great resource to have in your court.


I too see both the rheumy and the GP. They work well together and the rheumy is responsible for my treatment plan.
I also see an endocrinologist for a yearly thyroid check-up and a neurologist to keep an eye on my neuropathy problems.

The GP is obviously easier to see in an emergency and I was very glad of his help this week with my breathing diffiuclties.

None of my docs are jealous of each other and each knows that they have their domains and specialities. I think it's very important to have docs that work together.

hi.....i see gp ..rhuemy..dermatogist and gastro-entroligist...:(......hopefully i wont need the dermy anymore as under the rhuemy:lol:........jane
My 'main' doctor is my Immunologist who happens to have a special interest in autoimmune disease. He's the best doc for me in my particular circumstances.

By way of backup I have my GP who just mainly runs periodic bloods and sends the results to my Immuno.

Because I have a lot of neuro probs I also see a Neurologist periodically. The results from the Neuro are relayed to my Immuno who would instigate any treatment needed, i.e he calls the shots.

I have my Gp also Rheumatologist,and neurologist,
i have a GP and a rheumy i see very often,, but i also have an opthalmologist i see every 6mos. and a pulmonologist once a year.
I see my GP as and when I need to, a rheumatologist every 6 months and my dermatologist is now annually as my skin is under control.

As others have said it really does depend on how lupus affects you.


Pam xxx
I see my rheumy, gp, endo, spinal, pulm.,card., gastro,eye I think thats all without looking.....and I see them all every few weeks except eye he is every 3 months at times..........Melissa:)
GP once a year unless sick at other times. Rheumy every three months or sooner if needed. Cardiologist once a year (lupus attacked my heart). Opthomalogist twice a year. Dermatologist once a year unless something comes up. Gastroenterologist once a year. Nuerosurgeon as needed which is usually 1-3 times per year. Nuero-otologist every three years (for permanent brain damage suffered during surgery). Endocrinologist every 6-8 weeks to monitor thyroid. Psychiatrist every 3 months for depression. Neurologist as needed.

Wow. I would say my primary care doctor is my rheumatologist, but all my doctors communicate and both my internist (GP) and rheumy have complete records on me and when I see a specialist, they send reports to both of these doctors. It would be nice if there were only one or two!

Hope this helps, Pollyanna
I see just my nephrologist for now, since my main issue right now seems to be kidney involvement. I will be getting a referral to a rheumy soon, though.


I see, a G.P. a Rheumy, a Neuro, Pain specialist, and will start seeing a Endocrinologist to manage my diabetes. Currently, my G.P. is managing it
and I think..I could be better managed on that front my an Endo. Oh.. forgot,
I see an Opthomologist also..every six mos..

So currently, Five..

Best Wishes To You,

I forgot to mention..My Psychiatrist. :)

I see a rheumatologist, gastrointerologist, cardiologist, neurologist, pyschiatrist, general practioner, and nurse practioner, opthamalogist, all working together rather well actually, suprisingly....Karly
Most people see a rheumatologist for their lupus but they also see whatever specialist is needed. So if kidney disease is the major problem they would see a nephrologist, or a dermatologist for skin problems that didn't respond to the usual treatments for systemic disease.
We need a GP for all the usual non lupus things and to help determine if we need specialist care. In the UK everybody needs a GP because the specialists, commmunicate with them and they prescribe our medicines and also refer to specialists.
Most specialists wouldn't expect to deal with everyday problems and of course it costs far more per visit.

Most GPs do not have the expertise to deal with even simpler cases of lupus and would not prescribe the drugs because they aren't familiar with using them. My GP has only two patients with lupus out of about 8,000 total

I only see a rheumatologist once a year for a thorough check up and get my eyes tested by an optometrist every 6 months. I have blood tests about four times a year for the hidden side effects of medicines. I have also seen dermatologists. In NYC I was lucky enough to have the only certified rheumy dermy and internist in the whole of the USA who specialised in skin and the connective tissue diseases.

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I see an Ophthalmologist regularly due to previously have retinal vasculitis. I've seen a GI, neurologist, and dermatologist before.
My daughter sees Rhemy,G.P, gastro,Gyne.,Pscy.,Neuro,Thrombo stroke,hem,Opth. It gets pretty busy with appt.

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