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Hi Star-
I just read your post and it struck a cord with me. About 3 years ago I had started getting rashes. Went to the GP who did a skin biopsy - it came back Lichen Planus or something like that. The GP then referred me to the dermy who did another biopsy. This time it came back as "Favor Lupus Erythrematosus" run labs test to determine. Well my dermy ran the lab tests, only the basic panel and my ANA was slightly elevated. He then diagnosed me as having Discoid Lupus. So I went about my business, using sun protection etc etc. Kept complaining to GP something wasn't right. About a year later I had completely plummeted. I kept thinking this isn't normal, I feel like crap and it's getting worse. I was seeing my shrink and discussing my frustration and he said that I needed to get to a Rheumy to have things checked out. So I phoned my GP and told him that my shrink suggested I see a rheumy based on my symptoms. You could tell he was not real pleased but he said before I turn you over to a rheumy I am going to run the tests here to see if there is a need. No problem I said. I got the blood tests and within 2 weeks I was referred to a rheumy because of my ANA, Anti-Ro and Anti Sm.
I had had Lupus the whole time, they just weren’t running the right tests and looking in the right places.
My suggestion would be to not give up and be persistent.
IM me is you have any questions J
PS – the biopsies do not hurt, no infection, minor scar
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