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APS question

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Do you always have positive lab work that is suggestive of APS, or does it go back and forth?

For example, can someone test negative for the lupus anticoagulant test early on, and then be positive for it later?

I know that there a bunch of lab tests that can be suggestive of APS.
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Hello Kate
The two main tests for APS are the lupus anticoagulant, so called, which is various clotting tests, and more importantly for anti cardiolipins. They both need to be repeated at an interval of 6 or 8 weeks because either can be negative at any given time. The VDRL test might be a false positive Levels can vary from time to time as part of the normal workings of the immune system. I think there's also a small possibility of seronegative APS.

There is another test called anti-Beta2 glycoprotein that can help indicate whether the antiphospholipid antibodies are due to autoimmune disease or to infectious diseases such as syphilis or Lyme.
The presence of these antibodies counts towards a diagnosis of lupus - see the ACR Criteria listed in a sticky at the top of Not Yet diagnosed section. Technically speaking APS is not diagnosed until there have been clotting episodes or recurrent miscarriages according to the classification criteria for research and trials, but it can have so many other symptoms including demyelination problems very like MS, even transverse myelitis, that it might be treated with anticoagulants.


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Dear Kate, I do know for a fact that my APS tests were initially negative even when I felt awful. They did change and became very heavily positive. The strange thing was I didn't feel any different health wise whatever the results did.
Hope this helps,
x Lola
The replies to this are interesting. I had a positive (high)anticardiolipin about 8 years ago, but when it has been checked in the last couple of years its been completely normal. I didn't realise it could change like that.
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