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Arcoxia (etorocoxib) ... is there a best time to take.

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Dear all

I started Arcoxia six weeks or so ago as a change from Lodine (etodolac).
It worked brilliantly at first but less well over time, but it is still helping especially the pain in my hands and feet.

I used to take Lodine at night (Lodine is a sustained-release drug), to help ease the bad start (seized up joints, terrific pain) in the morning. I tried this with Arcoxia but it does not have the same overnight effect. In fact I forgot it last night as I was so tired and there was no noticeable difference first thing. I did sleep less well though!

2 hours after being up i noticed joints worse so took it and it worked really quickly both on join pain and on feeling of feverishness which i get a lot (sweaty brow, sweaty a lot of things really whenever I do anything slightly active).

Can't find any info on best time to take though and wondered if any of you are on it and can make a recommendation.

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Hi Sara,
I have been taking Arcoxia for about 4 mths.
Unfotunately i have only had very slight benefit from it, i take 90mg per day.
I always take it in the morning as i just think in my mind that it would then give me cover during the daytime when obviousley i have to move aound.
As it is an NSAID i did not expect it to help with sleep so nevr considered taking it in the evening.
I hope this helps a bit.

Take Care

Good Luck

Cassie :)
HI Cassie

Yes I think "slight benefit" is a good description. ;) The doc also thinks it may have made my anxiety worse!!! I am on 60mg.

I woke early this morning (6.00 am) in pain and took the Arcoxia then to see if it helped. I drifted back to sleep at 7 and woke with slightly less stiff joints.

I don't think it helped with sleep much when I took it at night - the Lodine was best at night because it worked through the night and helped my joints in the morning.

Thanks for your reply - I think mornings are best for it.

Sara x
Hi Sara,
yes thats how i would explain it. It helps the stiffness very slightly.
I hope things impove for you. Have you asked you docs about more pain meds?

Good luck

Cassie :)
I already take Paracetamol and dihydrocodeine so the doctor is reluctant to increase pain meds.

I am on Mepacrine as I can't tolerate Plaquenil (eye probs) and it is looking like time to go back on prednisilone for a while as there are a lot of symptoms got worse, not just pain: more mouth ulcers, severe headaches, can't tolerate bright light, hearing rather acute, depression/anxiety, cognitive dysfunction (the attention span of a rabbit and the memory of a budgerigar!). :lol:

I see specialist in September, doc is trying to sort out the NSAID in the meantime. Thanks again for your reply.
Sara x
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