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Are my symptoms due to lupus?

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Im 43 years old and for past eight years been suffering from painful hips; it started with my right hip and now my left and I have very little range of movement to my right and slightly more to my left. Pain in both hips is almost constant. Ive had a full gambut of tests over the years including blood tests, MRI and numerous xrays performed by an Orthopaedic Surgeon and all of which have refuted any suggestion of arthritis or the likes. I have had 3 cycles of 3 Depomedrone and Lignocaine injections over the years, tried a TENS machine for pain control and had acupuncture, but still no real answers to my problem. The injections did help my pain, however, I'm not allowed to have any more as steroid injections themselves can destroy bone.

Over the past two or three years, my problems have become worse and more joints have become affected; my shoulders ache and have limited movement and I have almost constant thoracic backpain. I'm tired all of the time, depressed and have noticed an increased severity in my migraine to at least one attack per week. My eyes have become very dry and sore and my memory has become very poor. My skin it very itchy, but I have no rash. A recent blood test showed a +ve ANA, but only at 1:40 and my ESR is always slightly raised. I have HRT implants inserted for relief of menopausal symptoms and the only other medications I take is Tramadol and Paracetamol as required for relief of pain. I also had to have surgery a few years ago for TMJ disorder, whereby by jaw kept locking in the open position.

Incidentally, my father suffers from scleroderma and I wondered whether this might be significant. Also, my ninteen year old daughter also seems to be exhibiting similar symptoms as mine, but I don't feel like we're getting anywhere fast!

Any suggestions would be very readily accepted.

Many thanks :worried:
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Hello Smellydrain,
Are you in the UK? Family history of scleroderma could well be relevant.
Do you see a Rheumatologist regularly? I am also wondering if you have been tested for Fibromyalgia, which can occur on its own or with many ailments including Lupus.

In any case welcome here and I hope some more of the girls here can help you more. I am not having a good day for thinking!
x Lola
Have they ever tried oral prednisone to treat your symptoms? The raised ESR, combined with hip pain and shoulder pain is pretty classic for polymyalgia rheumatica, although you are a bit on the young side for this to strike (it usually doesn't affect people until they are in their 50s). X-rays will be negative and the main symptoms are pain in hips and shoulder/neck upper back/lower back along with a raised ESR and reduced range of movement. I know someone who was just diagnosed with this...

Your additional new symptoms do suggest a possible autoimmune disease aside from this one; if you can I'd suggest trying to get another opinion from another rheumatologist. There are doctor recommendations that you can search for, or you can write and ask for a suggestion.

I think having a rheumy look at you and take family history is a good place to start. Sometimes it takes awhile to be dx but hold out for the dx. It may not be lupus but as other have said something else but in any case you need to know what is going on with both of you. I hope your gp is also kept in the loop as they often can get you in a little faster if things get bad for you.

My prayer are with you for relief and that your answer comes sooner than later.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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