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:)Hi Bubblies, and a very warm welcome to this great board. Every one of us here, are here to try to help always give support, and hopefully have some answers for you. We all here support everyone else that is here. You need your GP to give you a referral to see that Rheumy, get in as quick as you can. Begin your list of your symptoms, wether you think that they matter or not. Anyone in your family have anything that needs a Rheumy? Always make a copy
of your lists. Hand one to the dr. and tell him that it is for him to put into your file, and you bring the other home and
keep it out where you can see it and add to it as needed.
Lupus is diagnosed by bloods, symptoms, what you say to the dr. and all the things that the dr. observes while you are in your appt with him. I wish you the best, any more questions, just keep posting. Be well.:rolleyes:
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