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Hi Becks

I have used aromatherapy for the last few years but I cant afford to have as many treatments as I would like (oh to win the lottery!!:rotfl: ).

My aromatherapist uses only gentle oils as I have many other conditions but some that she uses, with great success are lavender, black pepper, rosewood (great for the spirit) and when I had a wedding to go to she made me up a bath solution which helped with my energy levels for a while during the day.

Im a great believer in the sense of smell (a good one that is) having a good and positive effect on the body mind and soul and on a personal note, it does seem to help me. In fact I burn frankinsense oil in a diffuser at the moment for all its qualities and I just love the smell as it fills the whole house!

If Im having a particularly achey day, she is particularly aware that this may be a problem but usually a back massage will be fine.

On a plus point, she often says that despite being chronically ill, my skin is in fabulous condition and still has a lot of elasticity which makes me feel good too!

So to sum up, it is purely personal of course how you respond to aromatherapy, but if you find you get something from it, then long may it continue that is what I always say! Just make sure she knows about ALL your conditions as some oils are contraindicated to certain conditions (ie I cant use rosemary oil as I have a serious heart problem).

Hope this has been of some help.


Julia x
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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