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Good article

Thanks for bringing the article to us.

I have had kidney problems all my life, as well for the last 6 years so many symptoms of aps/lupus, as well as severe cardiovascular events earlier. While I cannot find rheumies and dermys to give a definite d/x, except for one saying lupus/like symptoms in Sep2007 and prescribing Plaquenil, I have found Plaquenil to help in the hands and joints, but not on the scalp. Iam happy to see that the article is very supportive of the renal effects of the disease as my GP knows nothiing re lupus/aps.

Seeing my father died very early with prostate and kidney cancer, I am pleased to see this article, particularly as I went down south last week to a renal physician, referenced by a urologist after tests showing high red cells, and after a cystoscopy.

He is following up with further scans, tests, and antibiotics. He does not know aps/lupus, but appears aware of it. Good to see the wakeup for patients and doctors.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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