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Dear babysteps

First of all inwant to welcome you to the sight and hope you find lots of support in here as much as i have always.Well first of all i am not sure if i can answer that question of why it takes so long to diagnose lupus.I have heard that one of the reasons is because it mimics a lot of auto immune diseases.It did not take long for my diagnosis of lupus as i was very lucky to from what i hear but i also had not gone to the doctors because at the time i had seen enough of them and would tell me most of my pain was either no biggie or just did not know so i stopped trying to figure it out even with so many migraines and major fatigue .Well good luck and i am sure someone else will come in with some more support for you but good lcuk and please let us know how it all goes at getting diagnoses.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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