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Hey everyone - I disappeared for a while because things were going well. I've had a random collection of symptoms for the past couple of months, and am currently waiting on test results to see if there is anything SLE-related going on.

I felt a bit paranoid going in with my collection of random symptoms (intermittent rash, insomnia, fatigue) until they took my temp and I also have a low-grade fever, which I suspect may add up to more than just stress and dermatitis.

As the hippy said, just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean no one is out to get me.

Glad this site still exists, the information here is always excellent!

Speaking of which, I've also posted a study in the "research" forum - a researcher at my university has discovered a link between inflammation and fatigue - it's early work, but I was still very happy to know that researchers are actually working on that particular symptom!

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Hi there :)

When you were last around I wasn't so welcome and pleased to meet you :)

It's good to know that you had a longish period of feeling quite good. Sorry that it is less the case now and hope that things get better fast.

hope to hear more form you soon,

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Hi Lisa and Welcome back.

I see by your previous posts that it has been quite awhile since you have been here. It is wonderful that you have had such a long time of feeling relatively well. I hope that whatever is going on now can be nipped in the bud quickly and you can have another long period of good health.

Take care,

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Welcome back and thank you for the link. I am sorry that what brought you back was symptoms and not good news you had to post. I hope that you get things back under control and feel good again. We don't know each other but look forward to meeting you soon.
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