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Back from my GI doctor, more testing follows!

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Hi All,

I decided to make a new thread with a update. I just got home from my GI doctor appointment to follow up after the scope down the throat and biopsy results. Apparently, yeast is normal and she is not concerned at all about this.

I already told you the ulcers are back and of course there are no answers. I had to go have blood drawn to check my nutrition numbers because I have lost 13 lbs in 2+ weeks and just cant eat. My hair is falling out and my nails have changed drastically too.

She spoke of putting a feeding tube back in and I declined the thought of going there again. So, she will look at the blood test results and if I am nutritionally compromised then a surgeon will need to put a port catheter in to give me IV feedings. This goes in near the collar bone.

Also, since this may be a Auto Immune process they are now ordering a Pet Scan to look and see what they may find. These scans are very pricey and she will have to fight with my Insurance to get it approved but she will do her best.

Also, she has ordered a Hyda Scan of my Gall Bladder to see if that may be contributing to the pain in my upper right quadrant along with not being able to keep food down. It looks at how your Gall Bladder functions.

Anyway, my blood test results should be back by Wednesday and then we will know if we have to entertain the thought of a Port Catheter for IV Nutrition. With Christmas next week and family coming in I really do not want to deal with any of this until the New Year but the doctor said we have to deal with it NOW!!!

I am a bit down right now and just deflated!!!:(:(:(
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Thank you all for your replies. As sick as I am lately I still remind myself there are other people that are worse off.

When I worked I used to transport kidney Dialysis patients back and forth to their they are some very sick people.

I try to be thankful for what I have and not dwell too much when things go bad.

Then on the flip side of the coin my friends who are full of drama and yet have their health and secure jobs, well lately I am spending less time with these people.

I want to say, "Walk one mile in my shoes and you will be thankful for what you DO have"! I hate drama!:mad:
Thanks so much Sally and god bless you for dealing with the port for so long.:wink2:
Thanks too.:wink2:
Thanks Lis..................that was very sweet.:wink2:
Thanks Karly.

Gastro issues, big or small, can really interfere with our daily lives.

I hope that any of us suffering this get answers and get over it and on with life.

It is just debilitating when big issues creep up and we go down.

I hope you enjoy your holiday.:wink2:
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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