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:eek::( Last night, I woke up out of a sound sleep with a spasming back pain. I wasn't sleeping weirdly or anything.

I was taking it easy yesterday, not lifting anything - just correcting papers!

I have had a lot on my mind as far as stress goes...

But, the weird sharp pain was such that it took me awhile to get up and take something. The pain is in the mid - upper part of my back on the right side.

Could this be something related? I don't know what "pluralsy" feels like.. it get worse at times when I breathed in, felt like a pull of some sort...didn't know.

My eyes are also soooo dry. Is this also lupus? Morning and evening is really dry and gritty. :eek:

Feedback appreciated!

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What you are describing may or may not be pleurisy. The following link gives a description of pleurisy

The last time I had it it felt like I was being squeezed to death. If your pain continues or gets worse get it checked out.

Dry eyes can go with Lupus but also with Sjorgren's. Have you tried any eye drops to relieve the discomfort? You should mention the dry eyes at your next appointment.

Take care,
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