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Back on Plaquenil YA!

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Hi all I get to go back on plaquenil again a week from Thursday and I can't wait. I have been off of it for 13 months so I know it will take time to get back in my system but finally got the call from the rhuemy that my meds got there today and they are bringing it to the local office on thursday. It is a whole 3 month supply. It's another pill but one I have waited for and some relief can only be around the corner.

I know this sounds like I am happy but I am not I am on cloud nine again. I only hope it works like it did 13 months ago for me. I will take one day at a time and hope for the best :). I just wanted to share some good news for a change, I have had the dark cloud for so long that I throught I would need a rowbaot :rotfl:.
I hope the rest find the sun peeking through the clouds for them very soon!!!

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So happy for you Tammy and hoping that the drug kicks in as possible for you and the effects are long lasting!

Take care!


That's good news Tammy and long may it last!

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