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Bad night!

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Excuse the rant but I feel the need!
Been feeling a bit worse lately and said to my partner for the last couple of weeks that 'something' was coming. I'd been a huge amount more tired, well, drained more like (been really struggling to get up in the mornings again), my body/skin was sensitive, those odd 'bruises' had been coming thick and fast, and I'd had an episode of hemiplegic migraine/clot/undiagnosed whatever :lol: again! Also, my rash on my torso looks like it's coming for another round, and my tummy has been acting 'dodgy'.
Anyway, yesterday, 'it' hit. The pains in my knees, calves, shins, arms, wrists, ribs felt like every part of me was going to snap! The constant headache at the back of my head got worse. Today, even my jaw is aching! And man! Was I tired!:eek:
Fell asleep on the couch at 8pm.

Not feeling as bad today, thank goodness but still worse than 'normal'. At least it doesn't seem that my mouth, or hair is acting up again though. ESR is still at 19. (last Thurs). Feels like it should be more! Chest is a bit bad but then I have had a cough recently. It's like, I feel bad and tired everyday, and then something like yesterday hits and it's WOW! I actually am ill!
CT scan tomorrow and lupus anticoag results. One day at a time. Cant wait for dermy and London now. 4 young children to look after and I feel so bad when I cant play with them. Managed to make a cake for my eldests birthday today though. I was so proud to see his face light up when he saw it!

Oh well, rant over!
Thanks for reading!
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