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Bashed Cucumber
A recipe by Guo Yue

This is a delicate, refreshing tou-pan (starter) dish that will change your impression of cucumber forever! Using a traditional technique that is fun and liberating, the fragrance of the cucumber is released into the air like an exquisite perfume. It is best accompanied by a glass of Chinese rice wine; or a cold Sauvignon, if you prefer.

1 cucumber
1 garlic bulb
Sea Salt
Sesame Seed Oil
Dark Rice Vinegar
Light Soy Sauce

First, wash the cucumber, keeping the skin on, and position it centrally on a wooden chopping board. Using a big wooden rolling pin, prepare your energy (as you do in a tai chi class) and then bring the rolling pin down on to the cucumber, with controlled force – imagine you are in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!

You may not believe me yet, but your kitchen will be filled with the fresh green aroma of the cucumber. Now chop or break it by hand into small pieces – you don’t have to be too precise. Then crush and finely chop four or five cloves of peeled garlic, scattering this over the cucumber on a nice plate.

Sprinkle sea salt and leave for about twenty minutes. When you are ready to serve, with a glass of cold white wine or rice wine, drizzle on a little golden sesame seed oil, dark rice vinegar and light soy sauce. This is a fresh, healthy, delicious starter. You will feel that you have met cucumber properly for the first time!

© Guo Yue

From BBC Radio4 The Food Programme


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Sounds delicious and very liberating -don't know if it's good for the surrounding kitchen walls...

I could have done that rolling pin thing with a delivery man that turned up this morning at ten to eight, after I had slept for... just under three hours - grrrrrrrrrrrrr


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That does sound quite good (especially the rice wine etc) :lol:.

Might give it a go, although I will be putting cucumber inside a sealed bad before any bashing takes place! :eek: My kids make enough mess without me adding to it! :hehe:

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Wow Clare you got busy quickly making the cucumber bash.:lol::lol:

You did not waste any time at all.

Glad it came out good.

I will give it a go this weekend.

Thanks for the recipe.

What is next on your list of things to try and make in the kitchen???:wink2:

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Sorry Clare but I couldnt take this recipe seriously,
I just kept laughing, thinking about you with your rolling pin smashing the cucumber,
what a relief or tension. go for it
again I a sorry about my laughing, although you couldn't hear me

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another cucumber treat

This is also refreshing to eat.
remove the skin off the cucumber.
Slice it up and place in a bowl.
Get a tomato and slice into pieces.
Add it to the bowl with the cucumber.
Put a little olive oil and mix it around.
chill it in the refrigerator .
Eat it with bread like a dip.
Let me know if you liked it.
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