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Been awhile since on.........optic neuritis

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Hi all, been awhile since I've been on. Up pretty late because of the 60mg of prednisone the eye doc put me on for optic neuritis. This makes twice I've had this in the past 4 years. I dont tolerate prednisone doses higher than 5 mg usually but he threatened to put me in the hospital if I didnt take it. Now I sitting up at home instead of in the hospital. Has anyone else had optic neuritis caused from lupus too? Just curious, I dont really hear all that much about the eyes causing this much problem. The prednisone is helping in my left eye but after a week of this it is getting a little better. Still pretty cloudy to see out of this eye. My husband wants my site to get better because I keep messing with the color on all the TV's and on the computer. Oh well. What should he care, he is color blind!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe it is green and red for him. Thanks for reading.
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Hi pearl, hope the pred does work,and eye becomes back to normal for you.
i know pred at high dose's can make us feel yuk, but they are the drug to love to hate,are they keeping you up at night, not sleeping well??

Good luck Lin xxxxx
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