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Hi, many thanks for all your replies on all my posts previously ! X

Went docs this morning, updated him on work thing 18th may monday, hospital visit yesterday, how I am, the meds, and my now requiring to apply for DLA and then reduce my hours/days hopefully. He is extremely supportive, always has been, he is supporting me with DLA application and said "we are going the right way forward". Told him Ive had steriod intramuscular.
Im feeling quite weird/strange pains/soreness at moment. Didnt get time to ask hospital how long the steroid even lasts or what it was called - argh ....... never mind !

I have read the links on here about DLA etc. Have never in my entire life applied or do not get any benefits. So have few questions if ANYONE CAN HELP PLEASE.

1. Guidance on filling it in ? Do you put varied answers, or concentrate on putting WHAT YOU CANT DO, OR CAN DO STUFF BUT IN AGONY (even if no one does/helps you with the task) ?

2. Wording the forms etc etc ?

3. Any criteria/formula to give you better outcome of acceptance ?

4. Can anyone here give me any more help on my enquiry/tips or
substantial top guidance ?

I have rang for the form this morning. They said I should receive it in a few days. I have 6 weeks in which to send the claim in.

I await urgent replies, please. They would be very much appreciated I can assure you (I am totally in the dark as never had to claim for anything in my life before).

Love Diane X

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Hi there, I would strongly advise you to go to the nearest disability centre. Here we have the federal for disability . They will help and advise on form filling. It's imperative that you don't go filling it in all alone as they do turn most first applications down. Best of luck with it
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