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been in hospital

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Hello im back, was in hospital for two weeks, could'nt stop having fits,
was horrible,

Anyway just wanted to let you know im here again :), and staying ;)
one never knows whats round the corner with this disease, but thank the lord there is no more mush on my brain, i have never felt so drunk in all my life lol

they have now put me on keppra, may have to add more but fingers crossed all will settle down now, have missed here.

hugs Lin xxxxxxxxxx
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Hello Lin,

I'm so sorry to hear that you were that unwell. I really hope everything stays stable now and that you can get back to enjoying life without worrying.

hugs :hug:

Hi Lin,

Glad to hear the mush is gone. I hope the Keppra keeps things under control.

Hope to see you in chat.

Take care,
Dear Lin
It's good to have you back and I am so sorry you've been having such a wretched time. I hope you'll get that lucky break at long last.

Love and hugs

So sorry to hear that you have been so unwell and in hospital and hoping things will definately improve for you!

Look forward to chatting to you soon!
Hey (((((Lin)))) :hugbetter:

I'm sorry to hear you were so poorly and in hospital.... Having seizures the docs can't stop is no fun at all... :(

Hope the keppra helps you loads and gets those dreaded seizures under control! :)

Sending loads of healing hugs your way :grouphug2: :grhug:

Thank you, its so nice to be back among friends .

Lin xxxxxxxxx
Dearest Lin

Its wonderful to see you posting again. What a terrible time you have had of it lately.:hugbetter: I am keeping everything crossed that you stay completely fit free and miles away from that hospital.

Sending you loads of love and strong positive vibes :hug:

Luv n stuff
Dear Lin, I am glad you are back with us. Seizures are no fun.
x Lola
thank you its nice to be back xxxxxxxx
thanks goodness that is behind you - good luck with the keppra, hope it does it for you.


Dear Lin :hug:

So sorry to hear you have been in hospital and had such horrible fitting problems :hugbetter:

I sure hope the Keppra helps and you don't ever have any problems again!

Do they have any idea if it's the lupus or APS directly causing it? If so are they thinking of taking a more aggressive approach with your meds or more closely monitoring your INR?

feel better :foryou:

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Hi Lily, nice to her from you, hope your keeping well? The neuro said it is a result of the sle, i dont have aps.

I'm awaiting for an apoitment now with my own neuro in manchester, as whilst in local hospital they dont have one so sent one down from north staffs. He said it was complex partial sezuires.

i have not had the best weekend only had a slight do, but its the feeling of feeling like im fighting off something, and my right side still goes pins and needles like all weak, i dont know any more, its all left me not feeling sorry for my self, just feeling yuk and not belonging if that makes sence.
thaks again Lin xx
Sorry to hear that you have been having problems. I will cross my fingers for you also hope it helps. Keep the possitive thoughts sometimes it makes a difference. Remember one day at a time is all any of us can do. Good luck with new meds.
(((((((((((Lin)))))))))))) :( Good luck with the Neuro, as hard as it is I think you should remind him that things have not been very stable for you for a very long time and perhaps ask is there is something more that can be done - re treatment of the cause not the symptoms :hugbetter: I hate to see this go on and on for you with no long term resolution. If he is reluctant then a good long discussion with your Rheumy is in order stating that they think it's due to your lupus. How long since you had an MRA Lin?

I'm battling along, looks like I am going to be doing the botox injections for my dystonic neck, long wait but heck I've been waiting whilst they deliberate for years :wink2: Trouble is it may only give me 3-4 months relief and I will have to have them as a regular thing. Apart from that GP thought I had Carpal tunnel causing my numbness tingling and pain in left hand/arm. Neuro is not one to jump to conclusions so has ordered an EMG/NCS for mid December.

Take care Lin sending hugs,

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I hope your feeling better soon:)

What a time you are having. I am sorry to hear that you were in the hospital, having all that trouble.:hug:

Good luck with the keppra and with your neuro doctor.

It is great to see you back.:) Get lots of TLC and please take care.

Hi Lin and Welcome back

I am so sorry to hear about your past two weeks being very rough((((hugs))))for you.How scarey for you but so very happy you are okay and hoping you stay that way also(((((hugs))))).Please take it easy and try not to overdue it.Sending you lots of hugs and good.Its so great to have you back(((((hugs)))).


So sorry to hear that you were in the hospital. But glad that you are back and hope that this med works and your doctors help you sooner than later.

I know easier said than done, but please rest and take care of yourself.

Sending some get well flowers to ya....
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Oh bless you so much for all your kind words, i really do mean that.
its took my confedance from me, i feel like ive been ill , trying to fight something off if that makes sence.

did get dressed yesterday but havnt today, i know lazy, i must try and get going, but today just wasnt the best day,

Lily they gave me an MRI whilst in there, but weather its mushed any more i dont know, maybe it was just the meds needing changing i just hope i hear from my own neuro soon, or they will be getting a call from, me ,

one thing my gp did say to me a few weeks back now was that him and my local rheumy said was that the sle had caused the seizures, and i would have it now due to inflamation i had going back a few yrs ago.

thanks again my friends ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) Lin xxx
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