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Been referred to London

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Hello.Last night I saw GP and she is willing to refer me to London Lupus Centre.She thinks its a good idea! She is going to get copies of blood tests I've had recently and will take more if they want even more recent ones.
I feel better mentally now I've made the decision to go and things are in motion . I just pray they can help.:)
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That's great news :) I really hope that the visit brings some answers for you.

Wonderful news :thumbs: Good luck and do let us know when your appointment comes up.

I am so glad for you. Of the Doctors there I have seen prof. Hughes, Dr. D'Cruz and Dr. Edwards. They are all excellent. Obviously you will worry about not being taken seriously however much we reassure you. I thought I would be the first person ever to be shown the door!

If you need to sit and relax first there is a nice Pub in Tooley St. Opposite Hays Galleria, has a real fire and settees, and not too expensive. I sat in there and had a rest in comfort before my last appointment at London Lupus.

Well Done for having the GP on your side.
x Lola
The pub sounds nice and I'm sure my husband would appreciate it. Thanks Lola.
Good news thank goodness, I wish you the best and hope you find some answers. Good Luck with you up coming visit to london.
That's great news. I've recently had consultations with Dr D'Cruz after demanding my GP refer me and it was the best thing I ever did. After 10 years I'm finally getting somewhere and about to start medication. They couldn't be more attentive and at least you will finally know one way or the other. They will go through your medical history with a fine tooth comb and take blood/urine for tests on the day but make sure you tell the consultant EVERYTHING even if your GP has dismissed it as irrelevant in the past. It also helps diagnosis if you have any photos of skin lesions etc you can take with you (they appreciate copies or a disc to keep with your records). Hope you get some answers soon.
That is brilliant news, I am really pleased for you. Its great also that your gp is willing to be so helpful. Let us know how you get on.

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