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Been to luck!

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Hello all.

Just came back from the doctors.

Showed her my face, and she said it is seborric dermatitis (the same condition my dad has), I mentioned my concerns for Lupus, and the fact I had been to A&E, but she still wasn't concerned. She said she had seen many people with Lupus for many years, and I was fine.

She said she had given me a full blood count, tested for kidney, liver, thyroid and diabetes and all were negative or normal.

I explained all my back history to her (it was a long appointment) and she said that I obviously have a very bad case of anxiety.

I have previously thought I had cancer, brain tumour, MS, HIV and now lupus.

Part of me knows I have very bad health anxiety and most of my symptoms (including my skin) can be made worse through stress problems, but I dont know what to do.

She has put me back on medication and said I need to see a regular counsellor for my problems, but that physically there is nothing wrong with me.

She said if anything new happens, to come back, but apart from that she can't help me..?! She said I need to address my mental health and things will sort themselves out.

Part of me understands this, but another part thinks she could be missing something.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Hello again Chris,

I would say that, given the symptoms you described in previous posts, you should take that advice on board and go and see a counsellor. I presume that she has put you back on something like Seroxat which has helped you before?

Anxiety is a very real problem for some people and does need proper treatment. It sounds like you have a thorough, caring doctor and should listen to her advice.

You may find another explanation for your back pain - it is highly unlikely to be lupus - and may find that someone like a chiropractor can help you.

Getting this sorted out in your head is pretty important as you are far too young to be wasting time worrying about what you may or may not have. You should be just out there living!

Best of luck,
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Hi Katharine,

Thank you for replying.

I still feel like something is wrong, but I don't know if that is my body or my mind thinking that. I've had so many symptoms that come and go, that make me think its anxiety, but because of my skin, I just associated them all with lupus.

I asked to be referred to a dermatologist, but she said she had seen Lupus rashes, and could see mine was dermatitis, and that it is common, and that it is often worsened by stress. Then I said about the fact it started long before my anxiety, and she thinks I have been troubled by anxiety/stress for sometime.

She said the cortizone cream will do fine to treat it, but it doesn't seem to be getting massively better.

Just feel a bit lost as to what to do.

See a counsellor, take my Seroxat and see if things improve, or find a new doctor and start from scratch?

I guess the first would be good.
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Yep Chris I would say that giving the first a really good try would indeed be best.

It is very easy to convince yourself something is wrong and indeed make yourself physically ill through anxiety and worrying about it.

Again, your symptoms have little or nothing in common with those experienced by lupus sufferers.

I'm not being nasty here, but you really need to deal with the core issues and it seems most unlikely (from what you've told us and the doc has said) that they have anything to do with lupus.


I 2nd what Katherine has said!

Give the mediaction for anxiety a long term go (remembering to change the medication if first one not suitable).

Take care,

Thank you both.

I will try the Seroxat and counselling and see how things go.

Thank you very much for your advice and help, it's very much appreciated, and I hope you all have a good, healthy year.

Chris x
Dear Chris, I have a Son your age and would hate to see him as upset as you are.
Let us know how you are, but Yes, going with the Counselling etc, and really giving it a good go, sounds worth it. Then if you have to explore further at least you have given evidence that you have co operated in following their suggestions.
x Lola
Hi Chris, the counsellor is a good idea but I think maybe you would be better off trying to access a psychologist who specialises is Cognitive Behavour Therapy. A properly trained psychologist can teach you how to reshape your thoughts and whilst at the same time see your symptoms and be able to report to your health care provider if they come on when you are emotionally healthy. if they do then you can have no better person to fight your corner. Many organic illnesses can cause anxiety and if this is so then they will see. if not then you will be better equipped to handle your anxiety

I hope you feel better soon, it's tough to be where you are now
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