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Been to rhuemie

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Hi. Been to rhuemie this morning. Had to struggle with the snow and mad weather to get there but it went ok despite me being over 1 hour late.
He was a nice doctor and I was there for over an hour.
He said I have raynaurds and a butterfly rash and he is investigating lupus and others. I also need CT and MRI scans to check for vasculitis.? My reflexes are brisk and my left side is weak. It did not seem to bother him that my blood does nt show anything.
I'll see him in 2 months time and need to take aspirin daily.
I'm relieved he was nice and I was nt treated as if I was mad. We'll see what happens ....

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Well Done, sounds like a good start. Now rest and get warm!
x Lola
Hi Purplesnowflake :)

I am glad he spent so much time going over things with you and that he is taking this seriously and will be reviewing you. The fact he is doing those tests and a follow-up in two months is excellent :yes:

Maybe the snow is a good omen, the first appt I had with my Lupus doc we had a big dump of snow and had trouble getting out of my town to drive the 2 hrs there. We made it and the rest is history, he has taken good care of me ever since. So I hope the same for you :luck:

Im so glad you had a good appointment snowflake, lets hope tings go ok for you

take care Lin xx
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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