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Hi Roseanne,

This has been one of the toughest things for me to deal with. As a 24 year old young adult, I feel like I should be invincible and people often have those expectations of me as well. I have had symptoms for several years, but went through a 1-2 year remission where I was able to become very active again. I am very much into outdoor activities -- backpacking, hiking, sea kayaking, fly fishing, rock climbing, etc. When I came out of remission, nobody could understand why I couldn't do these things...obviously I had done them before, so why not now?

My family and boyfriend are great about these things. They don't get disappointed in me and actually work to limit what I do, as I often challenge my limits a little bit too much. While my boyfriend likes doing outdoors stuff, he doesn't like it to the extreme level that I always did so we haven't really run into things there. I imagine that when I feel better, I'll be the one pushing him to do more active things and he'll be telling me to go away! :lol:

Anyway, I try to participate in more things now that I can handle. I've pursued more with my photography and I read a lot...both things that I enjoyed before lupus and both that I will continue to enjoy. I try to do the things I miss when I can handle them...sometimes that means playing the piano and other times it means doing a very short hike/walk through one of the incredibly "wild" city parks here. It is all about moderation and I just have to remind myself that I can't feel guilty for what I can or can't do. It helps to have other people (such as my boyfriend) remind me of these things too. I try not to worry about the people that hassle me over it...they simply don't understand.

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