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Hi Sushi

Its very difficult when you get two conflicting opinions from doctors but my best advice would be to listen to your GP who knows your history. I couldnt say if you will be on them long term as that depends on monitoring, benefits, effects, etc but even if you were and they were doing their job it would be worth it in my opinion.

Im on a beta blocker, calcium channel blocker and ace inhibitor (all three) to control my BP and I must say that I had no noticeable side effects from any of them. To be honest I tend not to read up on side effects until I have been on a medication for a while. Im always concerned that I might 'influence' myself into thinking I have certain side effects if that makes sense to you?

Talk to your doctor about your concerns but my suggestion is if you need to get your heart rate controlled then these medications are there to assist and it might be the only option you have.

Best of luck with your decision

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