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Better result at doctors

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I saw my GP the other day, I haven’t been able to get an appointment with her specifically for some time and it was driving me to distraction. Every time I was well enough to make the journey to the surgery, I would ring for an appointment and be faced with yet another system change, you can’t book now, all appointments are gone, she’s not here etc. Mad!

So I managed to see her and the first thing she said was heck you have been through it lately haven’t you? We must sort it all out! Oh joy!

I now have three consultants at the hospital and only one has actually updated her on my situation with a letter, the other two have just either sent copies of discharge forms or nothing at all. Great!

I told her how frustrated I was with the dermatology department at my local hospital and she agreed that I needed to be referred to a rheumatologists and she would be doing that for me, Hurrah! She also said that she was going to read up on Lupus, so she was up to date on it. She added that she was amazed that the dermatologists are not piecing together all my symptoms.

How refreshing it all was!

So I have another lot a bloods being done next week and have had a few of my meds changed to try and ease some of my many other problems. I am a bit peeved that I am having to go through yet more tests, as I thought I was going to get a few weeks respite from it all, but I am pleased that somebody is actually listening to me and taking it all seriously despite the previous negative blood results!

Star x
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Hi Star :)

I am very pleased that your doctor is taking control of the situation at long last :) Excellent news!

Lets hope that this renewed energy finally gets you to a place of proper diagnosis and treatment.

Please keep us updated :)

Luv n stuff
Hello Star,
Wishing you all the best with these tests.
x Lola
Hi Star,

I really hope that this is the beginning of a new start for you, you deserve a break after all this time.

hugs :hug:

Hi Star, it's good to to hear from you. I think that every new dr. orders his own new set of bloods, it's like a pee-ing contest, but sometimes something get's
caught that has been missed B/4, and that is a good thing. Can't you just go ahead and make an appt. for the surgery, and then go that day no matter how you feel?
Anyway, at least you are making some progress, and I am very glad about that. Keep bugging them, and I hope that all your tests are fine. I wish you the best:smile
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