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big hello

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:) hello im new here just wanted to say hi im jacqueline 26 had lupus for as long as i can remember would really like a break from it now just for a while at least i have a daughter shes 3yr and 4mths old shes gr8 i live in preston which im starting to find boring i think im at that psycotic moment in my life were im looking for change mmmmmmmm well hopefully il make my mind up soon seeya for now x
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Welcome to the site - I have a little girl too - she just turned 4. Definitely the best thing in life! How old were you when you were diagnosed - must have been very young if it's all you can remember. I hope your symptoms are well managed at the moment and that's why you've got that itch for change and getting out and doing something new.

Take care and welcome again.
Hi Jacqueline,

It looks like you have just joined this site - I joined it only yesterday.

It 'feels nice' - I think it is going to be of help to me and I hope to you too!!

I really hope so anyway!

Don't know what else to say but I send best wishes and hope you will feel a little better soon.

Dea x
Hello Jacqueline,

Your little girl sounds like a big blessing. I hope you have plenty of adult company too. I live quite a long way from you. It is lovely down here for raising children, not without its problems but still better than many places.
Lots of beaches, good Arts activities for children and adults, not too far to travel locally for most things. We are quite fortunate. My children are older now but they had the benefit of a good childhood without us having to spend a fortune.

I hope your Lupus is under good control. You do sound as if you are ready to move ahead with life. We shall look forward to hearing how you do this.
x Lola
Welcome Jacqueline,
That is wonderful that you have a little girl, sounds like a blessing for you. I hope that you are feeling well and that symptoms are under control for the moment. I do hope you will join us in the chat room sometime soon. I am Tammy and it is nice to meet you.
hey Jacqueline,

hi Jacqueline, nice to see you found us chat soon hun xx
Hi Jacqueline and welcome.

I am sure your daughter is a blessing to you.

I hope to get to know you better.

Like Onetay said, join us in chat sometime.:wink2:
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