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I am sorry to hear about your best friend dying. :hug: She sounds like a very strong and dear lady. You can look back and cherish all your memories you have with her.

:hug: on the shots. They sound painful.:( I hope and pray that they do their job and your elbow and heel feel better soon.

It does seem sometimes when it rains it pours. You are a strong lady and I know you can make it threw. You have inspired me with everything you have gone threw. You are such a kind and caring lady to everyone on this board.

Take care of yourself get lots of TLC from your husband and your family. Give that grandbaby a hug and a kiss. (Being a grandmother is a wonderful experience)

My hubby says when I feel down I should look at pictures and movies of our grand daughter. I always feel better and have a huge smile on my face.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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