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Does this sound like a Lupus scenario?

I first presented about 2 weeks ago with reduced vision in my left eye. Sort of like a shadow over some of the visual field .

I was diagnosed as having papilledema; Bilateral Optic Disk Swelling.

I have grade 2 swelling in the right eye and grade 3 in the left eye.
Both eyes have hemorrhaging of the blood vessels.

The left eye has a shaded area known as a scotoma arcing over from an enlarged blind spot and encomposing most of the lower nasal quadrant plus a little on the other lower quadrant.

That left eye had more severe swelling more severe hemorrhaging and also recently developed a cotton-wool spot.

Cat scans were normal. MRI with no gadolinium was impeded by a bb in my lower jaw, but the images that did come out seemed normal to to the few who quickly flipped thru the images.

Spinal Tap showed normal pressure.

I have, what I believe is, psoriasis of the scalp. For many years now.

About 5 years ago I had a few purpura around the ankle bones and lower calfs.

My Kidney Funtion was just below that required for the gadolinium.

Maybe because of iodine contrast I drank for a Cat Scan 9 years ago without hydrating before and after or maybe because of this same pattern of symptoms ?

Thank You for all of your input. :)

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Hi scaryfast and welcome :welcome:

I guess by doing that testing it has ruled out pseudo cerebri tumour, so it's a bit of a mystery why you have the eye problems :( . Sorry I don't know a great deal about it and it would be a rare finding with Lupus if it's connected at all.

As far as Lupus goes I'd be concerned about the decreased kidney function and how that came about, have you had any explanation for that?

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