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Does this sound like a Lupus scenario?

I first presented about 2 weeks ago with reduced vision in my left eye. Sort of like a shadow over some of the visual field .

I was diagnosed as having papilledema; Bilateral Optic Disk Swelling.

I have grade 2 swelling in the right eye and grade 3 in the left eye.
Both eyes have hemorrhaging of the blood vessels.

The left eye has a shaded area known as a scotoma arcing over from an enlarged blind spot and encomposing most of the lower nasal quadrant plus a little on the other lower quadrant.

That left eye had more severe swelling more severe hemorrhaging and also recently developed a cotton-wool spot.

Cat scans were normal. MRI with no gadolinium was impeded by a bb in my lower jaw, but the images that did come out seemed normal to to the few who quickly flipped thru the images.

Spinal Tap showed normal pressure.

I have, what I believe is, psoriasis of the scalp. For many years now.

About 5 years ago I had a few purpura around the ankle bones and lower calfs.

My Kidney Funtion was just below that required for the gadolinium.

Maybe because of iodine contrast I drank for a Cat Scan 9 years ago without hydrating before and after or maybe because of this same pattern of symptoms ?

Thank You for all of your input. :)
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