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Biopsy done, what next?

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I had a skin biopsy done three weeks ago now. They had to take a sample from the base of my neck and although it didn’t hurt as such, for some reason I ended up with a really sore throat, that won’t seem to clear up. It goes off a bit and then comes back with a vengeance.

I was given an appointment after the biopsy for the follow up and it was in August, which I was quite disappointed about. I thought as I had tests done they would get me back in sooner to get the results, but obviously not.

Anyway I got a letter the other day saying that my appointment has had to be cancelled and has now been moved to September. Needless to say I am not impressed.

I was hoping to finally get some sort of answer. I am on a waiting list for major surgery again and have my pre-op in a weeks time (I had to cancel the original one as I was too ill to attend). Every time I see someone at the hospital I have to go through an interrogation about my rash and have to explain that “no I haven’t been burnt in a fire”. So then I get the “oh what’s causing it then“? Heck if I knew that then some of my troubles would be over.

I am sorry to moan, but I am feeling like I am never going to get any answers or any treatment and quite honestly I don’t know what to do next.

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(((((((((((((Star))))))))))))) I understand your frustration :mad:

Surely under these circumstances your GP could contact the Dermy and get a copy of the results faxed through? I'd definitely ask about that, it's a long time to wait for results and to leave you hanging with no answers :( Especially if you are trying to make decisions about a surgery because your surgical team would want to at least have some kind of headsup on your current condition.

I would start bugging them about it and not let up if it was me.

Hi there,

Yep, I'd go with Lily on that one and ask the GP to see what he can do to get the results faxed through.

When I had my biopsy done my next appointment was also pretty far away but I was lucky as the rheumy called me as soon as she saw the results were positive (that was about a month later).

I hope this all gets sorted soon, best of luck,
Hi Star, I sware, I think a person could die waiting for one of our dr.'s to get
something done. Two speeds, slow and slower. Personally I would get on the phone
and explane that you can't keep re-arranging your calandar, as you have plenty
of other important dr. appointments. The advice from above is very good/ Starnow. good luck, and let us know.
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