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bleeding/clotting problems

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This may not be a symptom of anything and may just be the way i am but i'm increasingly finding when i cut myself i bleed for ages after and when i go for blood tests i always ended up soaking the dressing despite being careful to raise my arm etc. :( Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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Sounds familiar to me when I had low platelets. You should definitely talk to your doctor about the increased bleeding.
Hi Rachel

I would definitely get that checked, you know what is normal for you. Let us know what the doc says.

I have not found that I have this happening with me but I do bruise so much easier than say a year ago. You should check your side effects on your meds and see if this would be one of them. If this is not one of them it would not hurt to talk to your doctor and see if this is something to worry about or if it is just happening for no reason at all. I hope you are feeling well.
Hi Rachel,
Yes, this sounds very much like me! I was diagnosed several years ago with "platelet function abnormality." This is ruled to be a opposite part of lupus from the other hyper clotting function. At times it is not much problem, others, well....shall we say keep steri strips on hand for cuts, LOTS of bandaids (multi sizes) for scrapes......and get good at compression bandages. I keep my first aid kit well stocked at all times. I found that steri strips are an essential in dealing with cuts, they pull the sides together and help a clot form.

I describe this condition as trying to get an ice cube to stick on a vertical glass slab.

Back in the 1970's I was diagnosed as having Von Willibrand's disease. Now, that has changed as VW has a more definite test than they did 30+ years ago. So, back to the Puget Sound Blood Center, Seattle WA, I went, and the new more definite diagnosis came. Funny thing, is that it is treated the same as VW. Go figure.

So, ask for a new testing and see if you are able to rule down to a definite diagnosis. I find that if I don't eat much red meat, or the anemia gets high, I have more trouble with clotting. Doing weekly B-12 inj's helps too.
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