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blood results

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Can any one enlighten me on these results
CRP - 4
ESR - 16
Hb - 12.5
White Cells - 8.8
MCV's - 87
Platelets 282
ANF - 512
IgG in significant titre
DNA, ENS, CCP antibodies negative and complient within normal limits?????????????????????????????
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Hi Jo,

It's best if you get the results along with that particular labs normal ranges, you can see for yourself then where you fall. If any are out of whack then you can look them up through our stickied link at the top of this forum:

Of course any abnormal results need to be interpreted in conjunction with your particular symptoms and discussed with your treating doc.

Hope this helps,


I'm on Cell-Cept and just arrived back from my 2 weekly blood test at hosiptal.

your results are very much the same as mine and i've been told today the are normal..

So thats good news for both of us...

Does you rheumatology blloket not have the guide lines printed or does your nurse not let you know what guide lines etc.

Any way i hope thats been of some help

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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