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Hi Ifb,

I take it that you mean pg related one's- If so here is a list from my antinatal notes.

Full blood count
ABO- blood group
sickle cell and/or thalassaemia - genetic blood disease
Rhesus blood group and antibodies
Rubella antibodies (German measles)
Blood test that measures the risk of Downs' syndrome.

Hope thet helps.

Sue x

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Hi lfb,

Do you mind if I ask why you are asking? Is there something specifically you are wondering about?

The blood tests that everyone has (in the UK anyway) are:

In early pregnancy:
Blood group
Full blood count
HIV, syphylis, hepatitis
Immunity to rubella

Twice in the 3rd trimester:
Full blood count

Women who are resus negative will be tested for antibodies to ant D

I believe that in some areas anyway (not yet nationally?) women are also tested for haemaglobinopathies eg thalesaemia.

The tripple test (testing for raised risk factors for downs syndrome, spinabifida and anancephaly in the baby) is also a blood test taken from the mother in early pregnancy.

These are the standard ones. Depending on your specific circumstances other tests may be done.

Hope this helps?


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I am wondering if you ever got to St Thomas'. Maybe you are asking about blood tests that would be done in relation to having lupus.


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Hi lfb, I had all those tests that have already been posted here and also they check your blood sugar (I am diabetic already so this is checked routinely for me but I know from my non diabetic friends they had theirs checked from time to time too)

There are some tests (like the triple test) that you can refuse so you would need to ask your midwife at the booking in appt which you can refuse if you want to. they should give you a load of info about what the tests are, how they are carried out, risks and consequences of positive/negative results etc.

As far as I know the tests for thalasseamia etc are only carried out if you have a family history of it.

Hope this is helpful for you
Ash x
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