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With the increased PTT, I would ask if other clotting blood tests (such as anti-cardiolipin) will be run in the future, especially if you've ever had any clotting issues (thrombophlebitis, DVT, miscarriage especially after 10 weeks, etc.). It's important to know about this if you plan on having children in the future too.

The CH50 is really only slightly elevated, it's probably not too concerning. YOu may want to ask about doing individual complement testing - in particular c3 and c4 as those are most relevant to lupus.

The sed rate should go down with the prednisone, depending on what dose you're on. It's a general measure of inflammation, and often indicates disease activity in autoimmune diseases like lupus and RA. It can also be elevated for other reasons too... CRP is also a measure of inflammation. It is sometimes elevated in autoimmune disease but not as commonly as the sed rate.

Were the other individual auto-antibodies run but found to be normal? Things like rheumatoid factor, the ENA's (SSA, SSB, anti-RNP, etc.), anti-cardiolipins? I would imagine these have been run already but if not you may want to ask about those too.

Glad to hear the pred is helping you out! Take care....
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