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blue moon

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i have had pain all day yesterday and the doctor said that when i come back next month and i am still hurting,then they will do furture testing,,,lupus does not run in are family,,how could i have gotton it......she really hasnt' digonse me yet,,but that is what she is saying ,it may be lupus,,,,help,,,worried,,does any one have any muscle pain with lupus,,,everyday for me it comes and goes and it gets worse and ligthens up some ,,i get sick to my stomach,,,today is a better day but there are days that are not good...later bue moon,,,;);):p
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Hi again Gina,

As I think I mentionned in my other post to you you shouldn't worry too much about your diagnosis right now. You need to take things one day at a time and if your lupus is confirmed then, with good treatment, you should find a huge amount of relief.

Lupus is not a heredited disease. There is a small genetic link that means that someone with lupus in their family does have a slightly higher risk of lupus (between 2.5 and 5%) but no-one actually knows why people get lupus. There are many possible "triggers" for it. For example extreme stress, bad illness or virus, severe sun exposure...but some people just get it with no "reason" at all.

Yes, a lot of people have muscle pain (myalgia)with lupus. It is another thing which should greatly improve with treatment and with learning how to live with the disease. Lupus is a connective tissue disease. That means that you may feel pain in any connective tissues. Muscles, tendons and so on.

Lifestyle changes can be quite important too but don't have to be "life changing". For example, it is important to try and listen to your body.
Rest when you feel you need rest. DON'T try to fight against the disease; it really doesn't work and can make it worse.
Keep out of the sun. For some people applying sunscreen all year round (yes even in winter) will improve symptoms.
Avoid stress. I know that is easy to say but you really can learn to see life differently and deal with stress differently.

As I said before, please don't worry too much. Plenty of people who have lupus live perfectly normal active lives :)

hope that reassures you a little,
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Hi Gina,
So sorry you feel so awful.
I would totally emphasise everything that Kathrine has said but also add that if your gp thinks that you may have lupus, is she giving you anything for your symptoms. Pain killers or non steroid anti inflamatories, these are drugs that can help to reduce the inflamation and so might help the pain you are feeling.
I have very bad pain and as soon as it started before i was diagnosed my gp started me on pain meds and an nsaid, he also gave me a 10 day course of steroids, he has given me very good pain meds from the beginning.
All the things can help improve your symptoms slightly before getting to the hospital to see a specialist and can be prescribed by your gp.

Just thought this might be a useful bit of info. If you cannot cope with symptoms then let your doc know. They cannot just leave you suffer unti they find out whats going on.

Take Care

Cassie :)
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yes ,thank you for the answer,,,,i try not to think of it to much,,,well today has'nt been to bad for me but yesterday was,,,and last night...thank you and have a great day,later gina
thank you cassie ,,,i will try ,,,,thanks later gina
Hi Gina, I am sorry that you are feeling so rotten, but it does sound like you have a lot of Lupus symptoms. And, it does as you say, get worse, then better, and back and forth. You need your GP to give you a referral to be seen by a Rheumatologist, that's the kind of specialist that you need. And start writing all your symptoms and
everything that hurts you in some way, in a type of journal. Do not stress. Smile.
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